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3 for £10 LEGO Polybags
3 for £10 LEGO Polybags

LEGO Boutique Hotel Modular Exclusive Hotel Key Card - Very Rare!

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LEGO Boutique Hotel Modular Exclusive Hotel Key Card

Very rare LEGO promotional item. Only 10,000 made ever.

To coincide with the release of the newest LEGO modular building and to celebrate 15 years of LEGO modular buildings this very limited edition key card was produced. Only 10,000 were made and each one is individually numbered, a truly collectable item.

To make the release even more exclusive, the key cards were only available when purchasing the LEGO 10297 Boutique Hotel at LEGO stores in China.

Each key card comes in a presentation case which is  mostly written in Chinese. The case contains a small black business card sized slip which features a black and white image of the LEGO 10297 Boutique Hotel with a signature of the set designer 'Anderson Grubb' and various writings in Chinese. There is also a sealed envelope with gold embossed writing and a numbered seal. The number on the seal corresponds to the number etched onto the enclosed card.

The enclosed card is double sided. The rear of the card features the card number, some Chinese text and an image depicting how the card would be used in a real life situation if the card were really a hotel key card. The front of the card features a 3D hologram style image which changes when held at differing angles. One image depicts the built LEGO Boutique Hotel in full colour while the other image is a rendering of the hotel in gold outline on a black background.

Although no LEGO pieces are included with this item it really is a true collectors item. Especially for collectors of LEGO modular buildings.