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3 for £10 LEGO Polybags
3 for £10 LEGO Polybags

LED Light Kit User Guide

To give our customers a better understanding of Lightailing and BriksMax products, this user guide will help you properly identify and explain some of the attention details during the installation process.

Lightailing Light instructions

  • The power supply should always be under 5 Volts maximum.
  • Not to be used by children under eight years old.
  • Please have some tweezers at hand to assist with the installation.
  • Please ensure you test all lights before starting the installation.
  • LED lights damage easily. Please handle them as carefully as possible.

      Main points to consider during installation.

      • Connect the supplied USB cables to the battery box or a power bank to light up your model.
      • During installation, please make sure that the wire is routed between the LEGO studs of the plate or brick, do not let the wire rest on top of the LEGO studs, this can cause the wire to break when the set is re-assembled
      • If using a street light, remove the brick/tile adjacent and hide the wire underneath as shown below.
          • Hide the spare wire under the bricks;
          • Any plates with LEDS will always be installed on the ceiling as shown;
          BriksMax Light Instructions

          •  Lights can be placed either on or between studs of the LEGO pieces.

          • Strip lights have a self-adhesive back which can be used to stick on LEGO pieces.

          • Cables should be laid between two studs of the LEGO pieces to avoid damage to cables or lights.

          • Connectors can only be inserted to ports of the strip lights in one way. Forcing the connector into a port may damage the plug and connector.

          • Connector can be inserted to ports of the expansion boards in only one way. Make sure the plug faces the correct way before connecting.


          • Check your batteries. Check if the batteries have power and they are inserted correctly into the battery pack.

          • Check your wires. Make sure the wires are attached to the LED.
          • Check your expansion boards. Check if the pins inside the ports are bent.

            WARNING TIPS

              • Briksmax LED components are delicate, please take extra care when you install.
              • If a plug won't fit easily into a port connector, don't force it. Otherwise, it will damage the plug and connector, possibly even causing a short circuit. If you suspect a short circuit, DISCONNECT POWER IMMEDIATELY to avoid potential dangers.