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Lightailing LED Light Set for LEGO 71040 Disney Castle

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This lighting kit is designed especially for the LEGO® Disney Castle 71040. Bring magical shine to your Disney Castle 71040. This highly detailed LEGO® model is a spectacle in itself, but when paired with Lightailing lighting kit, this charming model comes alive, not only during the day, but also at night.

The Light is made use of original material purely handmade. It contains 6 USB Light kit, Instruction guide, battery box, and 1 USB connector. Plug-in power, and light up your building blocks with our amazing design!

This custom-made lightailing light kit contains a range of lights and lighting effects that will really make you happy and excited when you turn on. We have selected a series of colorful LED lights that will be eye-catching. Their functions include the circulation of various colors of exterior wall lights, flashing lights to reconstruct the fireworks show, and the interior lighting of the rear castle rooms and compartments. The colorful lights remind us of our childhood or romantic memories.


Follow LIGHTAILING® step-by-step instruction book to light up your Disney Castle 71040, something amazing will happen at night. (LEGO set is not included)

LIGHTAILING Lighting Kits provide an easy way for LEGO® fans to customize their models using LED lights. With detailed, step-by-step instructions books, anyone can light up their LEGO® set. All our kits are plug and play - no electronics knowledge needed!

Tips: The light set installation is done to your preference. Please install your led light carefully, no hard pulling and no need to bend or shake can prepare three AA batteries in advance, When you light up your Disney Castle, you should test the product to see if it works properly, and power supply should be less than 5v to avoid burning.


►The set with customized led wire,led light and bricks.
►AA Battery Pack (AA Batteries are not included).
►Step-by-step instructions books.(Just as the LEGO set building way,but easier.)
►Universal instructions books.

The brand Lego is best known for its construction toys. While adding those interlocking plastic pieces with each other, kids can prepare a wide range of LEGO toys, and some of these toys can be very fascinating ones. One such structure that your kid can now prepare is the LEGO Disney castle. But creating it and keeping it at a corner of the home is something that you may not like to see these days.

Especially when you have the best lighting kits available online for the LEGO Disney castle, you will surely like to make this whole structure shine in day and night. In order to create the LEGO Disney castle, you need to follow the step by step instructions book.


Before you start to spend hours lost in Lightailing led lighting kit installation, please have a check of the components in the box so as to make sure that everything in description comes. And please have a browse on the User Guide, which can be great help in latter installation. All our led lighting kits enjoy a Two Years After-sale guarantee from date for sale.

We hope Lightailing's Led lighting kit can bring a wonderful experience to you and make your Lego ® set look amazing !