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Lego 4000010 Lego House Special Edition Architecture (Outlet)

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Lego 4000010 Lego House Special Edition

The Lego House is a new building that is being built in the centre of Billund, Denmark, the home of Lego.

This set has been designed and made to only be sold at various stores in Billund itself and is not available to buy outside of Billund.

The set consists of 250 Lego pieces and 1 minifigure which is exclusive to this set.


Outlet products at outlet prices!

Please note that this product is not in mint condition. It will have one or more of the following:

1. Box damage (dents,tears,taped up or creases)

2. Seals broken

3. Squashed box

All Lego elements and minifigues will still be in sealed bags inside the box unless specifically stated on the item description. All open boxes will have their contents verified for accuracy before being sent.