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Lego 30453 Captain Marvel and Nick Fury Polybag

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Lego 30453 Captain Marvel and Nick Fury Polybag

Brand new for 2020 Captain Marvel polybag.

Features 2 minifigures:

  1. Captain Marvel. The version of the figure was previously only available in the SDCC 2019 Captain Marvel and the Asis (77902) set. This version of Captain Marvel features her Starforce outsit with a dark blue and turquoise color scheme. She has a double-sided head. She also has a couple of the Power Blast pieces to represent her cosmic energy.
  2. Nick Fury. He wears a white shirt with a black tie and a shoulder holster. He also has a double-sided head with a stern look on one side and a smirk on the other. His accessory is the blaster

The other aspect of the polybag is the small build element which makes up a telephone booth.