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Lego Pudsey Bear Polybag Lego 30029

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Lego Pudsey Bear Polybag Lego 30029

Released in 2011 and then again in 2012 to help fund raise for BBC Children in Need

£1 from the sale of each polybag has already been donated to Children in Need.

This Lego polybag which was released in 2011 contains 95 Lego pieces and makes a fantastic rendition of the popular BBC Children in Need mascot Pudsey Bear. We have 2 sitting in our lounge!

The sale of these Lego Polybags helped to raise over £150,000 for BBC Children in Need in 2011. The popularity of Pudsey Bear led Lego to re-release the polybag in 2012 to once again raise money for Children in Need.

We have a large selection of Lego Polybags in our store including some that are very rare and some that were widely available. We have one of the largest selection of polybags available in the UK and are regularly adding more to our store. Some of the themes which have polybags are Star Wars, City, Creator, Nexo Knights, Ninjago, Friends and many more. Some of the most popular polybags are those from seasonal themes, those which were only available to but direct from Lego or which were given away by Lego when spending a certain amount. We certainly find that seasonal polybags are among the most popular. 

Stock of this product is fairly limited and the chance of this product being made again is fairly small. Grab one or two today and enjoy the skilled building techniques used to make such a great looking Lego model with the limited amount of pieces available.

Lego Pudsey Bear Polybag Lego 30029