New Features!

We have recently added a few new features to enable a better shopping experience.


1. Persistant Basket. If you add an item to your basket and you have logged in, the item will remain in your basket until you remove it or 30 days (whichever happens first). You are free to log out or close the page. Next time you log in, your basket will be available to view.


2. Open SignIn. You can now sign up or login using your social media details. You can use your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Yahoo or Google account to sign in without creating an account.


3. Currency Converter. We have quite a few visitors and customers from outside of the UK, as well as customers who are used to shopping in different currencies. We have added a Currency Converter at the top of each page which allows the currency displayed to be changed between GBP, USD and EUR. Once a currency has been selected all pages will display the chosen currency until the checkout page. We can only process transactions in GBP so the checkout page will only show the value as GBP.


4. Cookies. To comply with EU regulations we have added a small popup to the bottom left of the website which will appear when you first visit the page. This will allow you to have a bit more detail regarding our use of cookies. This popup is not an EU requirement but it makes it easier for all of our visitors to access information on the use of cookies.



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