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Lighting set for LEGO 21052 Architecture Dubai by Briksmax

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Prix actuel £23.99

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BriksMax® LED Lighting kit for the LEGO 21052 Architecture Dubai

Please note the the LEGO building set is NOT included. This is the lights only.

Give your LEGO Dubai a new look. This LED light kit is specifically designed to go with your LEGO Architecture Dubai.

These lighting kits give a whole new life to your LEGO models, especially at night or in dark rooms. A few hours of modifying your existing LEGO model will serve as time well spent when you see the results.

Recreate the architectural magnificence of  Dubai with this realistic light kit. This BriksMax® kit consists of a total of 16 lights to decorate your LEGO Dubai Skyline. The lights decorate the 7-star Burj Al Arab Jumeirah hotel, the Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel, plus The Dubai Fountain and the extraordinary Dubai Frame

Features of BriksMax®Lights:

►BriksMax® chooses high-quality lights and cables to give your LEGO model sufficient brightness and a fantastic look. The cables and lights are small enough to be hidden between the LEGO bricks without affecting the look of your completed LEGO model.

►BriksMax® unique design allows you to link multiple lighting kits through a single power source. This is a great idea for those who want to light up big displays or large-scale collections

►BriksMax® provides an easy way for LEGO fans to customize their models using LED lights. The product is fairly easy to install with the instructions provided.

►BriksMax® Lighting kits are delivered in sturdy printed boxes. All contents are packaged individually and in plastic bags, with bubble wrap in the box protect delicate components from damage during delivery.

Follow BriksMax® step-by-step Instruction Book And User Guide and you'll find an easier way to make a huge upgrade to your LEGO Dubai. All our kits are plug and play - no electronics knowledge needed!

 Tips for installation

  • Look at the User Guide, which will be a great help during installation
  • Test the lights to see to ensure they work properly before installation. You don't want to spend a few hours putting it together to realise there is a faulty bulb or connection.
  • Prepare batteries or brick separator in advance.

What's included in this set!

2 x 30cm Warm White  Lights

1 x AA Battery Pack

7 x 15cm Warm White  Lights

1 x 30cm USB Power Cable

2 x 15cm Slow Flashing Colored  Lights

1 x Adhesive Squares

3 x 15cm Ice blue Dot Lights

4 Lego® Pieces For Assembly ( Random Color)

2 x 30cm Ice blue Dot Lights

1 Instructions

1 x Eight-Port Expansion Board

1 User guide

1 x Twelve-Port Expansion Board

1 After sales card

1 x 15cm Connecting Cables