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Briksmax LED Lighting set for LEGO 10267 Gingerbread House

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Gives your LEGO Gingerbread House a new life.

This light kit is designed for LEGO 10267; You will feel amazing once you complete the installation. Because your Lego model no longer overshadow anymore, it still illuminates your bricks every night. And you can enjoy the night view of LEGO Gingerbread House at any time. So make a huge upgrade for your LEGO Model with BRIKSMAX LED Lighting Kits and bring your LEGO set to life now. Challenge it and have tons of fun!


Puts the magic into the LEGO Gingerbread House just right

Wow! Brilliant look from outside. A great idea to make the project come to life.it's nothing short of spectacular.It really adds a tremendous improvement to your LEGO Gingerbread House